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Help The Converted Repairs tab

Posted: 9/22/2022

What does the Converted (failed?) Repair tab mean and how does it work?

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Help Billing RV glass and invoices with duplicate parts.

Posted: 9/19/2022

How to successfully bill for RV glass or other work which includes more than one of the same part type.

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News Sunroofs can now be approved online!

Posted: 8/7/2022

Use our pricing approval tool to submit approval requests for sunroof replacement and parts.

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Help Your key to smoother invoice processing

Posted: 7/15/2022

Billing correctly saves time and avoids frustration. Here are several tips that will help!

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News View your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Posted: 7/14/2022

Access your account to view your NPS score!

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News Access via Internet Explorer is no longer supported

Posted: 11/26/2021

Please use Google Chrome when visiting (

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Help and Parent level accounts

Posted: 5/20/2021

Does your company operate multiple shops? Here's how you can access each of their accounts - all from a single login!

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News Important changes to recalibration billing April 23, 2021

Posted: 4/16/2021

Review this article to learn about the changes coming to recalibration billing!

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News Now optimized for mobile

Posted: 3/10/2021

Access via your phone or portable device is now better than ever!

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Help Reconcile old invoices and payments

Posted: 1/24/2021

Use the website to research aged records up to 24 months old!

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