It happens...

In today’s complex digital environment, passwords are everywhere and sometimes we forget them. Our system helps by easily allowing you to create a new password, without asking that you remember the old one or answer cumbersome questions! 

The process merely requires that you enter your email address.  Within minutes, an email will be sent to you which contains a link to the Create New Password feature.

You do not need to enter your old password. Enter your new password twice – and you’re ready to log back in! 

  • Would you like printable instructions?  Download the attached pdf which provides a guide and images to the Forgotten Password feature!


Having problems with the Forgotten Password feature? Here are four troubleshooting tips.


Q. The website is telling me that there are no registered users with my email address.

A1. Be sure you have correctly entered your email address

A2. Be sure the address is the same one you provided for your User ID.

A3. It may be that you have not previously registered for access to this website.  Please click the link which will take you to the registration page:


Q. I used to be registered on the website. Now I’m not?

A. We hear this from time to time!  The NEW website was activated in April of 2018. Many shops were previously registered for access to the old website, – which has now been decommissioned.

There is no need to visit the old website at all.


Q. I did not receive the Forgotten Password email.

A1. Make sure you are looking for the mail in the correct mailbox. Note that some webmail services automatically separate mail from corporations into special folders.  

A2. The password change email is issued from this address: .  Be sure to whitelist that address, so the mail does not go to your spam folder.  

A3. Please try again. If you still cannot locate the email – please contact us at .  

Be sure to send your request from the same address as your User ID.


Q. I received this email, but did not request to change my password.

A. Please contact us immediately at

Title your subject line ‘COMPROMISED EMAIL’.  We will de-activate the existing account and ask that you re-register with a new email address.