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As the need for advanced safety systems recalibration continues to increase, Safelite Solutions has made significant investments to improve our internal processes so you can get paid properly.

Beginning May 14, 2020, Safelite will be requiring more detail on invoices for recalibration services to ensure you get paid quickly and accurately.

Here's how the new recalibration billing process will change:

Specific part selection will be required. Instead of selecting a general recalibration part, we'll be requiring specific part selection (static, dynamic, or dual) for recalibration services performed. This additional detail will enable Safelite Solutions to have visibility into and account for completed recalibration services, as well as ensure you're paid accurately for services provided.

Shops utilizing EDI or online invoicing through the Safelite Solutions Network will need to select specific parts on all recalibration invoices. The addition of new fields and part codes will ensure the prompt processing of your invoice. We have communicated with EDI providers to make the necessary changes on their end.

Paper invoices will need to be manually updated with the appropriate part codes. You'll need to use the following codes when sending paper invoices:


In addition to the changes above, you'll also start to see pricing for recalibration parts on your work orders. If pricing is set on a work order, you won't be required to contact Shop Care for approval.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We appreciate your continued partnership.

Looking for additional support? Find the resources you need at https://www.safelitesolutionsnetwork.com/Home/HelpCenter