Safelite Solutions has implemented new policies regarding recalibration billing. Each of the questions below is addressed in a downloadable FAQ, available on this page!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I bill a recalibration when submitting an invoice via this website?
  2. When was this change made effective?
  3. How do I specify what type of recalibration was performed in the part number? 
  4. Are these new part numbers for in network only? Agreed pricing only?
  5. We sublet out our calibrations, does this affect us also? In house only?
  6. What is a ‘Concierge Fee’?
  7. Are there pricing thresholds to be aware of?
  8. What is a signed pre-post scan? What is a sublet bill? When are these documents required?
  9. How does my shop request pre-post scan on the website for ADAS?

The RECAL BILLING FAQ can be downloaded from the Files portal located on the right side of this page!  

For more about these changes, please visit this news article.