Where to find the billing feature:

  • Log In:  If you log in to your website account, jobs listed in the Open Referrals tab are ready to be invoiced! Locate the record you wish to bill and click on the blue ACTION button. 'Create Invoice' is listed as the first item in the drop-down menu.  
  • Fast Track: This handy feature makes it possible to perform a number of tasks without requiring that you register or log in to your account!  Enter your shop number (found on the work order) and the referral number to get started. Click the 'Create Invoice' button to begin the process.


How to bill a repair:

Upon selecting to create your invoice, you'll need to provide a few details.

  • - the last six digits of the Vin#
  • - your shop's invoice number (the invoice number created by your shop)
  • - deductible collected*
  • - the install date
  • - signature obtained / Mobile Yes/No

*We are required to display the policyholder's deductible amount, however you can remove it from the invoice. Click the deductible field and remove the amount shown, replacing it with zeros. 

Okay... I did that. What's next? 

The next screen adds your parts, services and charges. This is a repair invoice, so only a labor charge will apply.

From the Select Parts drop-down menu, the only item you can add is Labor Part.  Select this, then click the green Add part button.

Now, all that is left is to add your repair charge! Add it in the labor field. 

Then just follow the prompts to complete and submit your invoice.

That's it, but here are a few final tips: 

  • Don't blend charges: if you have multiple repairs, enter each as a separate line item. Charge each repair separately: the totals will sum at the bottom of the invoice. 
  • Be sure to add tax if it applies!
  • The electronic invoice is sufficient, you do not need to send a paper invoice.  Do however, keep a copy of the insured's signature on record in case any concern should arise.  

Have a question? 

General questions can be sent to our Shop Care team at ShopCare@SGCNetwork.com.