Here are a few things to keep in mind any time you're searching for a record on this website.

  1.  Jobs are listed according to the date the claim (referral record) was created.
  2. The system defaults to showing a 30 day range.  Once you’re logged in, the Referrals page displays the dates, listing the start and end date right near the top, center portion of the page.   Open referrals > Start Date to End Date                            Example:  5/19/20 to 6/18/20.
  3. The page defaults to showing 10 jobs per page. You can flip through additional pages using the controls at the bottom.  The view can be altered to show 5 , 10 or 20 items per page.


Default page categories

Upon successfully logging in, shop level users are presented with a 30 day summary of their Open jobs.  This is the default, however several other tabs/categories can also be accessed. Definitions of these terms can be found below.



If a job was created on a date which occurred prior to the range currently presented in the 30 day window, you can adjust the details shown to display an earlier period of time. 

The Referral Date selector is located in the lower left side of the page. Click on the desired range and the data displayed will refresh automatically. Note that the Start and End dates displayed will also change, showing the specific range selected.

Want to zoom in on a specific date range?  Need to isolate one particular day? Manually enter the Start and End dates shown: you can review any 30 day range, dating back to within the last 14 months. This is particularly handy if you have the work order in hand, and know the exact date you’re looking for!

* In general, the site can display jobs which are created up to 14 months ago.  With jobs which are older than that (or were restored from older data), you will need to contact our Shop Care team for assistance: .

* If a job is voided, cancelled or otherwise invalidated – it will not be shown. Please contact Shop Care if you suspect this to be the case.

* Newly created jobs may take up to 12 hours before being displayed. This is not a problem with the site, just inherent of other behind-the-scenes processes which may need to compete before the claim is ready to be billed.  Please be patient.


Advanced Search:

The fastest, easiest way to look up any specific job on the website is to use the Advanced Search feature located at the top of the page!

This tool is amazing – just type in the 6 digit referral number: if the job is listed anywhere in the website’s records, it will be displayed!

* Other search criteria can be selected by clicking directly on the hyperlinked words Advanced Search

* If this tool does not find the job, likely some other factor is present. This feature requires that the search criteria you enter is precise:  check what you’ve entered against the information presented on the work order.  Also - check the age of the job to make sure it is not older than 14 months.

* If your company has multiple shop locations, the job you’re looking for may be assigned to one of your other shops.  Log in as that shop in order to view the job.


The website is working!

A common misunderstanding is that, when you cannot find something on the website – the tool itself is broken or not working.  While technical problems are possible with any service, the more likely cause is due to complications with the referral or claim record.    

Should you contact our Shop Care team for assistance, please avoid stating that the website is the problem – or you may find your case being forwarded as an IT/website issue.  This misdirects your question and slows our response to you.

Instead, simply ask for assistance with the job you’re looking for.  The complication will usually be revealed once some discussion and discovery has taken place.