If your invoice has been rejected, you can rebill it using our invoicing tools!

  • If you are not logged in, try FAST TRACK! Click here!
  • If you are logged in, please follow the steps below.

Shops who log in to their registered account can see enhanced information about their invoices, payments and profile.  

Click the status tab labelled Rejected to visit the Rejected Invoice page.  

The default view will display jobs which were created within the last 30 daysIf the job you are looking for is older, you will need to adjust the dates displayed using the Date Range selector. This tool is located in the lower left corner of the page.

The Rejected Invoice page will display any invoices which are currently rejected and need your attention.

Locate the job you wish to rebill and click the Actions button. From its pop–up menu, you can select Display reject reasons or Re-submit invoice

Display reject reasons

  • When possible, the website will display details which explain why the invoice rejected. The action steps required to resolve the problem are also listed!
  • If no details are shown, some additional review will be needed. Please contact our Shop Care team at ShopCare@safelite.com

Ready to re-submit the invoice?  Let's go! 

If you're still on the Reject Reasons page, scroll down and you'll find a capture of the previously rejected invoice. (This is provided for reference.) Just below the summary of charges will be the Re-submit button. Click it to get started!