These specific codes are shown on the invoice screen. They regard adjustments that our Invoicing team has made in order to facilitate the processing of an invoice.


Code  Statement and Meaning

102    ##COR-OEM NOT APPROVED/COR TO NAGS: OEM not approved, invoice adjusted to NAGs discounts and rates accordingly    


103    ##COR-NO POP/COR TO SYSTEM LIST: No proof of purchase or other required documentation was received to validate prices billed, parts adjusted to current MSRP list price accordingly


104    ##COR-PRICE CORRECTED PER POP: Proof of purchase or required documentation received shows different prices than billed, prices adjusted according to documentation received


105    ##COR-RECAL/NO DOCS: Recalibration removed from invoice due to required documents not received          


106    ##COR-ALLSTATE OEM LIST -10%: Per Allstate guidelines, OEM glass and moldings are paid at list – 10%, OEM parts adjusted accordingly


107    ##COR-MOLDING REMOVED-NOT REQ BY NAGS: Glass comes with attached molding, molding not required by NAGS and removed from invoice accordingly


108    ##COR-PAID TO INSURANCE RATES: Parts and prices reduced to carriers set rates (hourly labor, discount off NAGs, kits, etc.)


109    ##COR-408/REMOVED TAXES: 408 Alliance claims are tax exempt as these are sale for resale accounts, tax was removed from your invoice accordingly


110    ##COR-DEDUCTIBLE: Deductible amount was added or removed per policy      

111    ##COR-OTHER: Please review your invoice and any correspondence from our billing team regarding adjustments made that do not fall under specific category above