Effective April 23, 2021

Please be advised of the updated policies and procedures for submitting documentation of recalibration services.


The shop must provide pre and post-scans and function results for all recalibration services performed and invoiced. 

These pre and post scans and function results must be provided if a glass shop is performing the recalibration service or if a third-party recalibration company is performing the recalibration service on behalf of the glass shop.  Additionally, a copy of the sublet bill is required for any sublet recalibrations.  Failure to do so may result in non-payment for the recalibration service.  The only exception will be if a dealership is performing the recalibration service, in which case an invoice showing the recalibration service itemized will be allowed as documentation.  A dealership is defined as an OEM franchised operator authorized by a vehicle manufacturer to buy and sell motor vehicles with the ability to provide automotive repair services.


The pre and post scans and function results must contain the following information:

The pre-scan (DTC scan-analysis before recalibration) must be completed before the actual recalibration begins and should include the following:

1. The VIN number

2. The customer’s name

3. Year, make, and model of the vehicle

4. Technician first and last name

5. Manufacturer of the scan tool

6. Serial Number of the scan tool

7. Scan tool software version

8. Date/time stamp of the pre-scan


Function Result (Recalibration) must be completed and should include the following:

1. Identify ADAS feature(s) for recalibration

2. The function result should display a system generated confirmation that the recalibration was successfully completed

3. Date/time stamp of the recalibration


The post-scan (DTC scan-analysis after recalibration) must be completed after the actual recalibration and should include the following:

1. Customer signature (this requirement has be temporarily suspended due to the COVID 19 pandemic)

2. Date/time stamp of the post scan


Shops must maintain all recalibration records for three years.

For carriers that have established recalibration fair & reasonable rates that are listed on a work order you receive from Safelite Solutions, all recalibration services other than those unique circumstances, e.g., a wheel alignment required prior to the recalibration of a Maserati that requires prior approval from Safelite Shop Care Team, will be paid to that carrier’s rates whether the service be performed by a glass shop, third party recalibration company or dealership.

Upon completion of service, please submit your invoices online at www.safelitesolutionsnetwork.com. If you are submitting an invoice electronically, please upload all supporting documentation listed in this communication by clicking on the referral number, then clicking on “Actions” and then “Upload supporting document”. You can also email your proof of recalibration to  mailbox.sgcpop@safelite.com. 


If you send your invoice via EDI, please reference the appropriate program ID found on your work order. If you do not have EDI capability, you may use www.safelitesolutionsnetwork.com to send invoices electronically free of charge, which will help facilitate the timely payment of your invoice.



- Safelite Solutions


* A pdf copy of this information can be downloaded from the Files portal, located in the upper right corner of this page.