Same...  but NOT the same?

Jobs for vehicles such as RV’s, buses and large trucks can require two windshields. Other work can also require that similar parts be used when replacing glass.

However, the auditing logic contained in our online invoicing tool is designed to reduce the likelihood of billing errors. For this reason, it will not accept the same part type twice.

Follow the guide below when billing invoices which contain more than one of the same part type. 


Here’s what you need to know:

•  In instances where two windshields need to be submitted, you’ll need to bill the second windshield using the part MISC INVENTORY (or ‘Other’)

•  You would then type the windshield part number in the description field. Labor can also be added.

• If a 2nd kit needs to be added, please bill it under the 2nd windshield – selecting MISCKIT as the part. Type the kit type in the description field.


These steps will not only work with windshields, but can be used anytime you need to add similar parts to your invoice!

When possible, add the first item to the invoice as you normally would. If you wish to bill a second  similar part, select MISCINVT ('Other'), then add the part name in the description field. 



*Would you like to see a visual guide which illustrates these steps? A pdf can be downloaded from the Files portal, located on the right side of this page.