Internet Explorer is being decommissioned.

Visitors who use Internet Explorer as their web browser may experience performance issues when accessing ( tools and features. For the best possible performance, please visit this website via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


Why are you no longer supporting access via Internet Explorer? 

Microsoft has determined that Internet Explorer 11 will be the last version of this popular web browser. Plans have been announced to start phasing out the desktop application in 2022.   


What is a ‘web browser’?

A web browser is a type of portal software used when accessing the World Wide Web. When a user selects a particular page or website, the web browser retrieves the page from a server, then displays it on the user’s device. To connect to a website’s server and access its content, your device must have a web browser installed.

*To be clear, a web browser is not the same thing as a search engine. A search engine is a website which provides links to other websites.  


Will using Google Chrome harm my device or computer?



Will Google Chrome change my passwords?

No, changing web browsers will not change your passwords.

However, users who rely on auto-complete tools may need to manually enter their passwords when initially revisiting a website. Upon doing so, they would be asked to save the password so the auto-complete tool can assist with future visits. 


Is Chrome free?

The Google Chrome web browser is free to access and use on all compatible devices.


Want to set Chrome as your default browser?

Click the link below to visit the Google Chrome help page:


*A pdf version of this information can be downloaded from the portal located on the right side of this webpage!