We understand...

It’s a safe bet that no one looks forward to the invoicing part of their work. Billing auto glass parts and services has become more intricate, and submitting an invoice with errors can delay the processes which get you paid. 

Here are several tips which can help you avoid the frustration of delays and rejected submissions! 

The essentials:

  • 6-digit insurance referral number
  • Policyholder name
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Full VIN
  • Itemized breakdown of all charges: parts, labor, kit, recalibration, additional labor, tax
  • Part number for all parts
  • Description of all miscellaneous charges (glass cleanup, VIN etching, tint)
  • Policyholder signature acknowledging completion of service
  • Supporting documentation for jobs that included recalibration

It's all in the details... 

  1. Uploading supporting documents directly to the website allows you to submit an invoice immediately. If emailing or faxing documents, you’ll need to wait 2-3 business days before invoicing. 
  2. Use the drop-down options for parts. If you do not find the part you need to bill in the menu, you can still submit the item as Misc. Inventory, adding the part number in the description field.
  3. Additional Labor is separate from Installation Labor. Select Labor Part and enter details of (the service you performed) in the description field.
  4. For states where tax isn’t applicable, send an email to our Pricing Approval team via our Pricing Approval portal.
  5. When using the SGCNetwork.com website for invoice submission, you may encounter jobs where the policyholder's deductible should not apply. Be sure to check the box which removes the deductible from your invoice.
  6. Any part or service outside of National Auto Glass Specifications (NAGS) must be approved prior to invoicing. Submit approval request via the FAST TRACK portal on the homepage, or by logging in to your account and selecting the Approvals tab for the job you are billing. 
  7. If the status of a job shows as “Call for details", the job may need to be re-activated. Send a request through the Help Center Contact portal asking that the referral be re-opened for invoicing.
  8. Make sure your shop has a valid W9 on file with us. If needed, you can download the W9 pdf from the FILES portal located on the right side of this page.

Send the completed form to the address presented on the document. Please allow up to 3 business days for processing before submitting an invoice.


We're here to help!

For payment status, general help and non part-related questions, please contact our Shop Care team via the Help Center Contact portal.

We appreciate your partnership in serving policyholders, and we hope this checklist makes invoice submission easier.