Sunroofs can now be approved and billed via our online tools! 

Shops visiting our Pricing Approval tool (those who log in and those using the Fast Track portal) can now submit sunroofs for approvals and invoicing!

This enhancement allows you to submit a single ticket for all parts and pricing required (glass, labor, additional parts, etc.) to complete the job. Collecting these details in a single communication is important, as many insurance providers require a full pricing breakdown before authorizing sunroof approvals.

Submitting a sunroof approval request

1. Once you have accessed the Approvals web-tool, select Sunroof from the Approval type menu.  (You can find it at the bottom of the parts list!)

2. Click the Submit button. This will begin the process.

3. The application will prompt you to select, enter and add several essential details:

    a. Use the drop menu to indicate if the replacement sunroof is Regular or Panoramic glass.

    b. Enter the list price and your part number. Type any details in the Description field.

    c. Last, add the install labor charge in the designated field.


*Do you require authorization on other parts and services to complete this job? You can compile them into a single request by using the Add Part button!

4. Sunroof and many other approval types will require that you submit proof-of-purchase documentation. The Approvals tool allows you to select and upload these records!  

Please be sure to add each document separately. Merging multiple pages as a single electronic document may misallocate or completely derail the upload process.  

Should the feature experience problems when attempting to submit your request, please try submitting your documents first, then the approval request as a separate action.  


5. Once all other steps have been completed – you’re ready to submit the approval request!  

    Please click the Submit button, located to the lower right of the page!  


Have questions? Need additional support?

Reach out to us via our Help Portal: