The Converted Repairs tab

Occasionally, you may find that the OPEN REFERRALS page is displaying a job under the Converted Repairs tab. If you are using the Fast Track tool to bill the job, text indicating that the work has been categorized as a Converted (failed) Repair will be displayed. 

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  Roll your cursor over the tab labeled ‘Converted repairs ‘ to view a short explanation. 


Why does this happen? What does it mean? 

The website tracks jobs which were initially established as repairs and have now been converted to a replacement. Such a change might be required for any number of reasons – the most common being that a repair was not possible, or a previously performed repair has failed.

There are several other scenarios which can result in a repair claim being updated to a windshield replacement service request.  


Okay, so what do I need to know?

Situation 1:

If your shop…

       - did not perform the initial repair / no repair was required or performed

       - was not paid for the initial repair

You’re all set!  Please proceed with the submission of your replacement invoice. There is no impact to the submission process. 


Situation 2:

If your shop…

       - initially performed a repair

       - was paid for that work, and now

       - you are billing for a replacement on that same claim

The amount paid on the repair will be credited toward the total of the replacement invoiceIf you submit your invoice via our online billing tool, the repair credit is automatically applied to the replacement invoice.  

Does this information affect how my shop is portrayed to customers?

Not at all! Repair-to-Replacement circumstances are understood to be a part of the autoglass industry. 

The website tracks these changes so that you can be aware when a repair credit will be applied to the replacement invoice. We hope that this added transparency will reduce any potential confusion or frustration.


Questions about this process? 

Please contact our Web Support Team at SGCWebsiteSupport@safelite.comFor any concerns regarding a particular claim, please reach out to our Shop Care team via our convenient help portal.

Thank you,

- Safelite Solutions Team